Web Consultancy
Training and advice for your internet projects

Koba Webdesign gives you and your staff training in the use of the internet , efficient search on the net and security of your computers. In addition, Koba Webdesign also advises you on the composition of an integrated marketing mix, which deals with various promotional resources.

Based on detailed checklists, Koba webdesign makes an extensive analysis of your website. Each time, clear practical recommendations are proposed to improve your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Is your website easy to find with the major search engines? How can your website rank in these search engines be increased?

Is your website accessible to visually impaired people, via mobile phones, disabled people?

Can all information on your website be easily found? Is the menu structure easy to use?

Structure, hosting and code:
Is the code used on your website correct and up to date? How can your pages load faster? What is the quality of your website provider?

Web analytics:
Do you analyze your visitor statistics in a professional way? Do you get all the information needed to further optimize your website and marketing in general?

Content Optimization:
Is the language you use on your site correct? Are your sentences clear? Are your commercial texts sufficiently inviting? (For this part, Koba webdesign works with a specialist adviser).