7 Awesome Examples Of The Best Non-Profit And Charity Websites

The vast majority of websites that web designers create are built for business and commercial enterprises whose main objective is generating profits. However, not every website is designed to enhance a company’s P&L sheet, and that is because some websites are built for charities and non-profit organisations.

A quick caveat to the term ‘non-profit’ is that whilst these websites do not generate dividends for shareholders as commercial websites do, that is not to say that a charity or non-profit website does not generate revenue. In fact, many of these websites have been so well-designed that they generate huge amounts of much-needed income for the charity in question.

All told there must be hundreds of thousands of websites built for charities and non-profit organisations and to give you an insight into how successful they are, we are going to highlight seven of the best that is all credit to the web designers who designed and built them. As such we will also point out some of these websites’ best web design features.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) –  https://www.worldwildlife.org

Known for its work in conservation, protecting the environment, and the welfare of animals across the world.

  • Lots of informative content throughout
  • Call to Action buttons for “Donate” and “Adopt” are prominent
  • The uncluttered layout on the home page
  • Excellent use of images
  • The top menu and subsequent navigation are easy to follow

One Drop – https://www.onedrop.org

A cleverly named charity whose main aim is to ensure that sustainable and continuous access to fresh, clean water is available to all.

  • Excellent use of background videos on the home page
  • Static top menu as you scroll down pages
  • The “Donate” button is easy to see in the top right of the page
  • Easy menu with unambiguous labels
  • Lots of content, including infographics and videos

Ocean Data Alliance – https://www.oceandataalliance.com

A non-profit organisation that focuses on climate change and oceanic ecosystems and which uses digital technology to gather data from every ocean.

  • Use of large, easy-to-read fonts
  • Large images including a 16:9 ratio
  • Basic menu so it is easy to use
  • Lots of empty space is used on each page
  • Call-to-action buttons are prominent

The Michael J. Fox Foundation – https://www.michaeljfox.org

“Back To The Future” actor, Michael J. Fox’s battle with Parkinson’s is well documented and his website has the aim of finding a cure.

  • A large image of Michael J. Fox on the home page provides immediate credibility
  • The top bar with a single button saying “Donate” is always visible
  • Opt-in box appears for email subscriptions
  • Good use of empty space throughout
  • Tons of informative content

Rotary – https://www.rotary.org

A worldwide network that promotes several good causes, has been around for over 110 years, and currently has 1.4 million members.

  • Large images throughout
  • Pages are uncluttered and easy to navigate
  • Has a “search” function
  • Dynamic page elements
  • News, Features, and Blog all current

Red Cross Australia – https://www.redcross.org.au

Australia’s Red Cross has its own website that promotes the humanitarian work they do across the world.

  • Clear and consistent red and white branding
  • Great use of menus and sub-menus
  • Lots of “people” images
  • Large, red “Donate” button on every page
  • E-commerce functionality to sell Red Cross products

Oxfam Australia – https://www.oxfam.org.au

The Australian branch of one of the world’s best-known charities aims to eradicate poverty wherever it exists.

  • Has a search function
  • Ability to make a donation on the home page
  • E-commerce pages selling Oxfam cards, gifts, and coffee
  • Email opt-in box on home page
  • Lots of images throughout the website