Adwords Marketing

According to digital marketing agency Slinky, using Google Adwords marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic a website and the advantages it gives to businesses who use it can often mean the difference between being profitable or running at a loss.

Adwords allows businesses to narrowly target certain search terms which they know potential clients and customers are likely to enter in Google’s search box. Depending on whether a business is looking for prospects or people ready to buy right away it can set up its Adwords campaign with keywords which are most applicable.

Examples of keywords or keywords phrases that could be used when looking for buyers are ‘cheapest’, ‘where can I buy’, or ‘best value’. These would have the product or service appended so if the company was selling fishing reels the complete keyword phrases would be ‘cheapest fishing reels’, ‘where can I buy fishing reels’ and ‘best value fishing reels’.

On the other hand, if a will writing service was merely looking for prospects their possible keywords might be ‘will writing advice’, ‘will writing experts’ or ‘reliable will writing service’.

The point to note here is that there are a vast number of keyword phrases that businesses can include in their AdWords campaign, and a considerable amount of research is required to ensure the correct ones are being used. Keyword tools and professional Adwords consultants will be able to assist in this task.

The second advantage of Adwords marketing is its immediacy. Assuming the correct keywords have been selected and the ad itself is well written, a business can be driving traffic to its website or landing pages within minutes of clicking the button for it to go live. Compare this to many other forms of marketing which can take weeks and even months of preparation before they start and you’ll see that Adwords definitely has the edge.

Another important advantage of Adwords is the ability to undertake a detailed analysis of your advertising efforts. A part of this process can be done in conjunction with split testing which allows you to compare two adverts which have one single difference between them. This could be the headline, the ad copy or even a single word within the ad copy.

Part of the analysis will be to see which ad of the two performs better and to then use that ad as the control. The trick is to keep testing so that each control is better than the previous one.

The analysis which can be done on specific keywords lets you see which search terms are getting the most clickthroughs and subsequently the most call to actions, whether that is a sale, a request for more information or entering details into an opt in box.

Ultimately the goal is to make your AdWords marketing the most profitable it can be by investing more in the keywords and ads which are working and cutting back on the ones that are not.