Hans Rossel ° 1970
Curriculum Vitae – CV
Was the proud owner of a Commodore 128 at 14 years of age.
Retrieved his first computer diploma at the age of 15 (“Programming in Basic” on a Commodore 64 at Syntra West), at a time when secondary schools had no computers.
Received a broad technical and informatics education during his studies Civil and Industrial Engineering.
Discovered the internet at the university in 1993, when the World Wide Web was invented.
Designed his first website in 1996.
In the years after, several courses took place in photography, networks and graphic design.
Was responsible for networking, programming of database searches and the organization of computer training at Syntra West from 1996 to 1998. He used the opportunity to follow a lot of computer training.
Gave in 1999 his first internet training, about the efficient search on the Joker Travel Managers network.
Carried out from 1999 to 2001 the technical support of computer controlled access control systems at Vanhalme NV.
Fully committed to webdesign in all its facets since 2001, and deepened in photography, graphic design, internet programming and database management.
In 2006, the “Certificate of Achievement in Flash Application Development”