Digital Marketing Agency

If you have read anything online about the terrible experiences some entrepreneurs have had using Google Adwords then you may be forgiven for thinking it is something to avoid. In truth, it is a very effective way to advertise your business, but only if you know what you are doing to start with. For this reason, it makes absolute sense to seek out the services of a digital agency such as Northland Group to help you setup your first Adwords campaign.

As with any agency or contractor, you must first ensure that they have a checkable track record and that their reputation is a good one. If they are such an agency, they will have no issue with letting you speak to one or two of their previous clients to get feedback on their experience with them.

Once you are satisfied that they are the right digital agency, you need to clarify with them what you want to achieve with your Adwords campaign. This will normally be to create sales but this is not always the case. Depending on your business model, it could be that you want to run a campaign to get leads instead. The campaign set up will depend on which of these it is, so the objectives need to be crystal clear from the start.

Once the objectives are established your digital agency should then be able to conduct comprehensive research on your behalf. One of the main elements of this will be competitor research. This will involve them looking at live Adwords campaigns which are within the same niche as you and likely to be targeting the same keywords you will want to target.

By studying your competitor’s ads, the digital agency will be able to take stock of the sorts of sales copy they are using so that when it comes time to write your ads, they are using what is already working. They obviously won’t copy your competitor’s ads word for word, but it does no harm to closely follow what is already working.

The other big part of the research is determining which keywords and keyword phrases should be targeted. It is often the case that highly competitive keywords require bids that many businesses simply can’t afford. For this reason, less competitive keyword phrases are used instead and using several of these keywords can still produce tons of traffic. The benefit of using a digital marketing agency is that they will be able to identify the most effective keywords and advise what cost per click bids you should be making for them.

Once your Adwords campaigns are up and running, your marketing agency should carry out the vital task of monitoring your ads and assessing the data. By doing so, they can use their knowledge and experience to make small but effective changes to your campaigns, including tweaking the sales copy or adjusting your bids on certain keywords.

As the campaigns progress the adjustments the agency carries out will provide a double win for you as they will reduce the cost of your clicks whilst at the same time increasing the traffic your ads are sending to your website.