Log Design

The Logo is an extremely important element for any online business. It is the first visual representation of the business that is displayed to the public. Since men are visual creatures, logos are all the more important for businesses to convey in a snippet what the business is. The Logo is the first impression that a business makes and makes it easy for an online business to stand out and create an identity. Since logos are so important, it is imperative that an online business is able to create a logo which breaks the clutter and leaves an impression in the users’ minds. For a logo to be effective, following are some of the elements that online business’ should consider so that it is appealing to the customer base.

  • It is important that an online business is well aware of its brand personality so that the font and visuals chosen in the logo are appropriate. Therefore, the online business needs to understand if the brand it represents is modern, its gender, its affordability, its personality. All of these factors will determine the design of the logo and will impact if the logo will break through the clutter or not.

  • A logo is not just a simple graphic. It is a graphic which represents what the business is and what it stands for. Thus, it is important that a logo is designed keeping in mind what the business is and what kind of customers it serves. The colors and visuals chosen in the logo should be in line with the brand’s ideology. For example, certain colors represent certain imagery in users mind.
      • Red represents passion, love vitality
      • Purple represents regality, luxury
      • Blue represents trust, comfort, clarity
      • Yellow represents joy, vibrancy, energy
      • Green represents relaxation, peace, hope
      • Orange represents enthusiasm, energy, stimulation
      • Black represents seriousness, luxury, boldness
      • Pink represents love, sweetness
      • Brown represents reliability, support

Thus, be sure of what your brand stands for and what sort of clientele it is targeting before choosing which colors to use in your logo.

  • Using symbols and visuals in the logos is common. It is necessary that the online business when choosing a logo is clear of what the symbol represents and is careful about the cultural implications of the symbol. This will ensure that the logo is acceptable for customers from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, if you are choosing symbols in your logo, be sure that the symbols are acceptable for a global audience.

Since online businesses are now a part of the global marketplace, it is important that the logo is trial tested with a variety of customers so that the final logo chosen is appealing and representative of a larger client base.