Developing An Ad

Advertising and ad development has never been more important to the online space than it is today. An effective ad campaign designed by a professional digital agency can be the difference between social media success and failure. This means that you need to make sure that you dedicate plenty of time to writing and developing high-quality, effective ads for your business.

Social media marketing through ads – such as Facebook ads – is growing all the time. Developing the perfect social media ad can be a difficult process, but is something that you need to master if you want to create a real online presence.

Unfortunately, there is no tried and tested method when it comes to creating a viral social media marketing ad campaign. Different things work for different people, and you will need to experiment to find what works best for your business and your target audience. With that in mind, some of the things you need to think about include:

Make your ad emotional:

Nothing engages an audience like an emotional social media post. Try and include something in your ad – perhaps an image, a quote, or a few lines of text – which invoke some sort of emotions in your viewers. This emotion might be sentimental, or it might be humorous – this probably depends on the type of content you are presenting. Sure, information is great, but informative campaigns that don’t play on people’s emotions are much less likely to go viral.

Engage with your audience:

Remember, the goal of your social media marketing campaign is to engage with your audience and encourage them to visit your website or social media profile. Do this by presenting relevant content. For example, if you are a building company offering new homes and renovation services, you wouldn’t create an ad which gave information about fishing, would you? However, you might make something like painting the focus of the ad – even though it isn’t your core business, it is related.

Use effective visual triggers:

Using visual triggers is a great way to get people clicking on your ad and asking to see more. Think about using things which will interest your audience, which will suck them in, and which will encourage them to share the post. Even if you are presenting a solely textual message, do your best to make it visually engaging. If possible, make it surprising – for example, include a video which people didn’t really expect – as this will increase the chance of it being shared.

Got the perfect ad?

Once you have developed what you believe is the perfect ad, you need to get it out there. There are many ways to do this, but the most effective is to use a social media ad campaign. You need to make sure that you launch your campaign at the right time. Try to pinpoint to time that your audience is online, and launch your campaign then. Good luck!